Sunday, January 15, 2012


(Photos taken from my Iphone)

Current food Obsession - Soft Pretzel's.
Therefore new favourite place - Aunt Lil's

If you are not familiar, let me introduce to you this gorgeous little kitchen in the Highpoint Shopping Centre, Melbourne.

Aunt Lil's mission is to 'provide fresh-baked products made with the freshest natural ingredients - baked just the way Aunt Lil baked - with heart'.  The traditional homemade recipes stemming from Eastern Europe include a variety of soft pretzels as well as fruit buns, frozen & greek Yoghurt, and health Bars.

The decor is just lovely. The rustic timber tables are decorated with vintage cans and native plants. The seating is a mixture of industrial hessian covered stools and timber chairs, with a section of industrial bar stools in front of a cute blue paneled wall. Little clusters of vintage props including scales and mixers are scattered around the premises. I also love that you can see the cooks making the food as you walk by.

My favourites are the Cheese & Olive Pretzel with Aioli dipping sauce and the Cinnamon Pretzel's are just delicious.

Do try if you are in the centre, you will instantly become a fan.

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