Sunday, January 29, 2012


L O V E ,  L O V E ,  L O V E

Words can not describe how much I love Fenton & Fenton's wares.

The eclectic collection of home wares, antique and reproduction furniture combined with vivid textiles, taxidermied animals and artwork make for one incredible retail space.

Founder Lucy Fenton expresses her style that dares to mix and match objects, origins and eras.
The result is so inspiring I want pretty much everything.

The above images were styled by the very talented Mr. Jason Grant and shot by Felix Forest in December 11'.

I am in complete awe. 


  1. oh I love this shop too jess! Love the lounge chair in the 4th pic!

  2. I want it all Steph lol
    I love the wingback too. I read on their blog that the printed part is a real vintage flour sack from Minnesota.. how cool!