Friday, October 14, 2011


All Photos taken by me

Let me introduce you to Moissonnier...

From their Website: "Born of a union of historical styles and the aesthetic avant-garde, Moissonnier works a strange alchemy in its creations: updating styles… bringing the past to life with light touches… suggesting without imposing… breathing new life into traditions to make the present feel magical again.
Creating jewellery for the home while cultivating an offbeat style, paradox with a dash of insolence, such is the dandy spirit of Moissonnier."

I was completely smitten with everything in this place. I had stumbled across their showroom during Paris Design Week on one of my many lost routes. I think every time that there was a wrong turn taken, it would lead to finding incredible places and this was definitely one of the top finds in St Germain
(one of my favourite areas in Paris)

The pieces really are 'jewellery' for the home. Such beautiful detail & craftsmanship and the colours & fabrics used really make them that more interesting. The style actually reminds me a lot of the furniture in Château de Versailles. 

J ' A D O R E

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